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Praise for the books of Robert Mayer

"Fascinating" -- John Grisham

"Gripping" -- Janet Malcolm. The New York Times

"He writes like an angel" -- Newsday

"Exemplary" -- Village Voice

"Pure, undiluted magic" -- Washington  Post

"Quiet brilliance" -- Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Genuinely compelling story-telling" -- Chicago Tribune

"Wonderfully human" -- Dallas News

"The poet's touch" -- Detroit News

"A blend of the funny and the poignant" --St. Louis Post Dispatch

"Absorbing" -- Sunday Oklahoman

"Heart-stopping" -- Albuquerque Journal

"Ranks with the best" -- Santa Fe Reporter

"Topnotch" -- People Magazine

"Compelling" -- Booklist

"Excellent"-- Library Journal

"Wonderful, moving" -- Publisher's Weekly


Superfolks (1977)

The Execution (1979)

Midge & Decker (1982)

Sweet Salt (1984)

The Grace of Shortstops

The Search (1986)

The Dreams of Ada (1987)

I, JFK (1989)

Notes of a Baseball Dreamer (2003)

The Ferret's Tale (2009)

The Origin of Sorrow (2010)

Danse Macabre (2011)

Confessions of a Rain God (2012)

Eyes (2013)

1741 (2015)​​

"Robert Mayer's writers’ workshop is a must-use resource for aspiring and published authors." --Larry Kilham, author of “Winter of the Genome” (2014)

“The writer's group gave me the right combination of feedback and motivation to finish my book.” -- Joyce Trainor, author of “No Handbook for the Homeless: a Novel” (2015)

Writing Workshops

Led by

Robert Mayer

Author of 15 books

Continuing -- on Tuesday, January 5th-- our sixth year of teaching, encouraging, critiquing.

Both novices and more experienced writers are welcome.

Nine published books have emerged from these workshops.

Eight-week workshops meet one afternoon each week for three hours (Tuesdays.) You write at home, we read and critique your prose in the workshop.
Usually no more than five members in a group.

The workshops are held in a studio on San Mateo, near Chocolate Maven. The fee for the 24 hours of class is $325 plus tax, payable at the first session. Lots of parking.

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