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Writing Workshops

My next writing workshops will start:

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 (and Wednesday, January 7, if there are enough students.)

​​I am the author of 14 published books, including The Dreams of Ada and The Origin of Sorrow. Twelve are novels ,two are non-fiction works. Before writing those I spent 10 years as a journalist in New York City, winning several awards.

This will be the sixth year of the workshops. The focus is on writing novels or non-fiction books (not poetry or screenplays, I'm afraid.)

Each workshop runs for eight weeks, three hours per week, from 2 to 5 in the afternoon. Students write at home and bring in copies of their work to  be read and critiqued by the other students and myself. A number of students have attended for two years  or more. Several published books have emerged from the workshops.

We meet in a comfortable studio on San Mateo, near Chocolate Maven, with plenty of free parking.

The fee for each eight week workshop is $325 plus tax, payable at the first session.

​​To ask questions or reserve space, write or call 505-438-0012. We’re friendly. Really.

Praise for the books of Robert Mayer

"Fascinating" -- John Grisham

"Gripping" -- Janet Malcolm. The New York Times

"He writes like an angel" -- Newsday

"Exemplary" -- Village Voice

"Pure, undiluted magic" -- Washington  Post

"Quiet brilliance" -- Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Genuinely compelling story-telling" -- Chicago Tribune

"Wonderfully human" -- Dallas News

"The poet's touch" -- Detroit News

"A blend of the funny and the poignant" --St. Louis Post Dispatch

"Absorbing" -- Sunday Oklahoman

"Heart-stopping" -- Albuquerque Journal

"Ranks with the best" -- Santa Fe Reporter

"Topnotch" -- People Magazine

"Compelling" -- Booklist

"Excellent"-- Library Journal

"Wonderful, moving" -- Publisher's Weekly