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Writing Workshops

My next writing workshops will start:

​​Tuesday, May 6th and Wednesday, May 7th. They will run weekly for eight weeks, through late June.

​​I am the author of 14 books, including The Dreams of Ada and The Origin of Sorrow. We meet in a comfortable studio on San Mateo, with plenty of parking. Several published books have come out of the workshops.

Writers bring to class work they have written at home​​, which is then critiqued by the other students and myself. The fee for each eight week workshop is $325 plus tax.

​​To ask questions or reserve space, write or call 505-438-0012. We’re friendly. Really.

Dr. Michael Lee, smart and literate, is the

chairman of ophthalmology at a major

California hospital. He may be up for a

Nobel Prize. Without wanting to, he has

fallen madly in love with a beautiful young

Marine recruiter -- who happens to be his

son’s girlfriend. Worst of all, for 40 years

his life has been controlled by a deadly

secret -- a secret that even he has all

wrong. EYES is an intelligent

psychological mystery that led our copy

editor to write “Wow! on page after page,

and to describe the entire novel as “a

roller-coaster ride.” We couldn’t have said

it better.
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